Working with Risk Services Australia

Working with Risk Services Australia is straight forward and we make the process as streamlined and simple as possible. 

We know you’re busy and juggling a million different tasks, that’s one of the reasons we know you’re reaching out. You don’t need a bigger work load, you need bigger solutions. That’s where we come in. 

Step 1: You Contact Risk Services Australia

The process begins when you contact us to discuss the type of assistance you need in light of your business, your challenges and your current resources.

What do you hope to achieve?

Do you want to motivate, educate, influence or do something else?

If you are an organisation in a lot of H&S pain we may suggest an organisational assessment. This involves a full site systems and practices audit. The time frame would be dependent on the size of the business and maturity in safety performance.

Once we have this information, we promptly prepare a quotation for your consideration and send this to you via email.  We are always available during the time of your consideration of our proposal should you have any questions. Our quotations remain valid for 30 days.

Step 2: You give the go ahead

Once you’ve given us the go ahead  – we do our best to start your project immediately. We negotiate the timeframe and delivery milestones with you at this stage.

We also source any extra information we may require if it wasn’t supplied in the beginning. Then we get to work.

Our Fees

Our fees are generally invoiced after the work has been finalised. However, if the project duration exceeds four weeks, invoices will be issued monthly based on time worked during that month. Our payment terms are seven days.

At this point we thank you for working with us and look forward to working with you again. We also ask, if you’ve enjoyed your experience, to please share the good news with others so that we can maximise their impact too.

We’re very easy to work with, contact us to discuss your ideas and ask for an obligation free quotation.

Ready to work with us?

RSA Capability Statement

Download our full capability statement for more information about our Director, James Thomas, the complete offering Risk Services Australia can provide your company, and how we can work together to take your business to the next level of risk management, efficiency and exceptional leadership.

Define your Risk, Perceive your Risk, Manage your Risk!

Based in Brisbane, we proudly work with clients from around Australia.

Please telephone or email us to discuss your next project. We’d be happy to provide an obligation free quotation for your consideration.

James Thomas, Principal Consultant and H&S Leader

0457 083 590